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At 3R3DTM, our passion is to innovate in Additive Manufacturing and our goal is to provide our customers with ADAPTED and SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS in 3D Filaments, 3D Printers and 3D Printing Service.

We offer a leading industrial combination of experience, expertise and flexibility that allows us to COLLABORATE with you to develop PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS that meet the requirements in ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING technology.

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What do we do in 3R3D ?




Wide variety of filaments

We offer the widest range of 3D printing filaments.
Innovative, sustainable and high performance for whatever the field of application

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Customized 3d filaments development

Do you need a product to cover a need in your organization or company and you do not find it in the market?
In 3R3D we develop different types of filaments for 3D printing
with your material requirements, format, quantities …
Tell us what you need and we will try to develop it for you.


Technology and Sustainable Materials

In 3R3DTM sustainability is our identity brand.
In our name 3R refers to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE, as a proposal for the development
of materials and technologies.
We bet on materials of vegetable origin, biodegradable, recyclable, recycled, …

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Materials for a High Performance

High performance materials for applications in multiple areas:
Biomedicine, Aerospace, Architecture, Art, …
Thanks to the collaboration with different technology research centers, we are able to reach
more and more far in our value proposition for your organization.

Innovative, Collaborative, Sustainable & Creative Value ADDition !


Our represented Brands…


3R3D Technology Materials

3R3D Technology Materials, s.l.

Fabrica desarrollo y fabricación filamentos 3D

Tienda filamentos e impresoras 3D

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